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Friday, August 30, 2013


Usually we need to sort data when we want to present it. You have 3 sorts direction as follow:

  • Ascending: from smaller to greater
  • Descending: reverse order
  • Customized: based on your customized order

And we can sort on the following level:

  • Column: sort data in table based on the selected column [tabular & cross table]
  • Row: Sort data in table based on the selected row [Cross table]
  • Table: if you have more than one sorted data set we can order or priorities them from this menu.

We can sort data by activating the required column or row then:

  • Click on the sort icon.
  • go to insert menu, then go to sort and select the sort direction.
  • from the properties tab on the left, go to sort part and select the required sort direction

Method # 1:

Sort Button

Method # 2:

Indert Sort

Method # 3:

Properties Sort

Finally please note the following:

Note # 1: In custom sort you can change the order of the displayed values manually by promoting and demoting values. This option is reasonable to be used with small list of values.

Note # 2: In custom sort you can add values not in the list for example if you have a custom sort on currency like shown in the figure below. In this example we know that we have 3 currencies (USD, JPY & SAR) but only 2 of them displayed. If we want to consider the 3rd currency as well when it show up in our data you can simply type in in the temporary values and assign it the right position.

Custome Sort

Note # 3: You can set the sort order priority on a table if you have more than one level of sorts from the properties tab after activating that table.


Table Sort Priority

Friday, August 23, 2013

Coming Back !!?

Sorry for that long period of absence. I will come back very soon with many useful posts related to BO and i will expand my posting area to include information about sap and other technologies in our fast growing world. So i need your help and feedback to find what areas that i need to focus more on it. I went through your old comments and yes i find many useful things to be done. Finally thanks for all visitors.
Taha M. Mahmoud,  The Author