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Monday, October 21, 2013

What is Micro Cube in SAP Business Objects


When you create data query in SAP business Objects the data retrieved and stored in a Micro cube, known also as Webi micro cube. This Micro Cube is stored along with the report and the report size will vary based on the saved micro cube size. BO reporting engine will use this microcube to display data on the report based on the selected objects and based on the aggregation function associated with each measure. to reduce the micro cube size you need to assign database aggregation function on each measure. This will submit a grouped by query to the data base and it will reduce the micro cube size and it will enhance the overall report performance.

You can set 2 aggregation level on universe measure

Database level: used as an aggregation function applied on the measure when submitting the query to the database. if you query is against a detailed table the grouped by query will retrieve less number of rows rather than the normal query. This will lead also to a smaller micro cube size.

Report level : we can set this property from object properties tab. if we set the object qualification to be measure we will be able to set the aggregation method from the properties tab. this function will be used only in the report level on top of micro cube data to display data on the report.