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Sunday, September 29, 2013

BO InfoView & Rich client Fast User Manual (Tutorial) (Part # 2–View Mode)


This is part 2 of SAP Business Objects user guide. Today we will explain Webi view mode in details. We will go through different menus, Functionality and features. This tutorial apply for both InfoView as well as rich client. Please note also that this user manually build using BOXI3 version but it is almost same in BO4.

I suggest to read Part # 1 first:

Part # 1: BO InfoView & Rich client Fast User Guide (Tutorial) (Part # 1 - Navigation)


When you select Webi report and double click on it or right click and select view, the report will be displayed in view mode. Find below the main functionality that you can use during view mode:




  • Close: Close current document
  • Edit: Open edit mode for current document. [If you have write rights]
  • Save: Save current document
  • Save As: Save current document in different name and location
  • Save to my computer as: save document as excel, CSV or PDF
  • Save Report to my computer as: Save current report only. [Note: Document can have multiple tabs (Reports)]



  • Quick Display Mode: Display data only without page borders or layout.
  • Page Mode: Display report in page mode. You should use this mode to optimize layout before printing.
  • Draft Mode:
  • PDF Mode: Show as PDF
  • Left Panel: Show/ hide left panel.
  • Status Bar: Show / Hide status bar.
  • Fold /Unfold: Expand / Collapse section.


Other Options:

  • Save Report
  • Print Report
  • Find Text in Report: Like find feature provided by Microsoft in MS Office & MS Windows.
  • Zoom:


  • Page Navigation: go to next page, previous page, first page and last page. You can also enter specific page number to jump immediately to that page.clip_image018
  • Edit:
  • Refresh Data: It will open the prompt wizard if there is a prompt in that report. Otherwise it will refresh data and return back results.clip_image004clip_image006
  • Track: I will create a separate post for this topic.
  • Simple Filter: show / Hide simple filter bar. You can select report dimension from here and a drop down menu will display all possible values for that dimension. You can then select a specific value to filter the report on that selected value.
  • Drill Mode: Activate drill mode. This is very useful to analysis data displayed in the report. You need to have a pre-selected hierarchies like time for example: [Year- Quarter – Month – Date]. Hierarchy are built in universe and can be selected and configured in query editor and scope of analysis area.
  • Take Snapshot: Used with drill mode to take a snapshot from the current drill paths selected.