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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Prompt in SAP Business Objects WEBI Report


There is 2 types of filters that you can use in create query in your Webi report.

Static Filters: Doesn't need any interaction from the end user. the criteria or filter values are impeded inside the filter and will submitted directly to the database. Static filter is either created in the universe and you can just drag and use them. They will appears like a yellow cone. You can also create your own static filters by dragging an object and set you filter values to constant or select from list of values. Again, when you refresh data fro your report it will not ask the end user to enter any values as the filter values already defined.

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Dynamic Filters: [Also known as prompt] It will prompt or ask the end user to enter or select filter values before submitting the query to the database. You can create your prompt in the universe designer and make it available and ready for use or you can do it on the report development time. For more information about how to create prompt in universe click here.

To create a prompt in info view or rich client data query just drag the object that you want to use it as a prompt let say Region or Product for example. Then select the required operator, let’s say Equal to or greater than. After that you need to select Prompt in the filter value.

The following window will displayed to set the prompt the following prompt options:

 Prompt Text: Enter the text that will be displayed for the end user to ask him to enter or select value.

Prompt Properties:

Prompt with list of values: Will display a list of values for the selected object to the end user. the end user will be able to select one or multiple value instead of entering them manually.

Keep Last Value selected: Will keep the last value entered by the end user selected.

Select only from list: end user will not be able to enter any data manually and he will just forced to select from the list of values. of course this option will be enabled only of we selected the prompt with list of values option.

Optional prompt: If this option is selected the end use will be able to skip this prompt. the value will be considered only if the end user selected a value for this prompt.

Set Default Values: You can enter Default values here.

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Best Practice:

“As you can create static and dynamic filter in the universe you need to differentiate between them. we used to write [Filter] beside the static filter name like: Last Year [Filter]. and we use the “?” at the end of filter name if it is a dynamic one [Prompt] like: Enter Year ?”

“Choose a clear prompt message”

“If you will use the prompt with list of values option then you have to optimize it from the universe to insure the performance”